Doll Shoe Sizes

Just like people, dolls have different sized feet too!

Please check dolly's foot measurements when buying doll shoes and socks as we wouldn't want her to get shoes and socks that don't fit!

We have measured popular doll's feet so dolly is sure to get her Cinderella story.  Below is a table of foot measurements for standard doll types. Please measure your doll's foot length (heel to toe) and width (across the widest part) then match them to the closest size in the chart below.

Once you've found the doll in the list below that has a foot measurement closest to your doll, you can click the link to browse and buy doll shoes and socks for your doll. 

If you are unsure, please contact us with your measurements and we will let you know which selection of shoes will fit best. 



American Girl

(45cm high)

65mm (long) x 35mm (wide)

Australian Girl 
(50cm high)

70mm (long) x 37mm (wide)
Baby Alive Wets'n Wiggles 
(33cm high)
57mm (long) x 32mm (wide)
Baby Alive Original 
(46cm high)
70mm (long) x 38mm (wide)
Baby Alive Super Snacks (37cm high)
60mm (long) x 36mm (wide)
Baby Berenguer 
(34cm high)
55mm (long) x 36mm (wide)
Baby Born (43cm high)
60mm (long) x 35mm (wide)
Cabbage Patch Kid (46cm high)
65mm (long) x 50mm (wide)   

Around Ankle 16cm

Disney Toddler 
(34cm high)
49mm (long) x 25mm (wide)
Dolls World - Early Moments  (41cm high)
63mm (long) x 40mm (wide)
Florrie Doll (46cm high)
65mm (long) x 35mm (wide)
Journey Girl (45cm high)
65mm (long) x 31mm (wide)
Little Baby Born 
(32cm high)
48mm (long) x 27mm (wide)
Little Cabbage Patch Kid 
(35cm high)
60mm (long) x 50mm (wide)

 Around Ankle 13cm 

Miniland (32cm high)
48mm (long) x 29mm (wide)
Miniland (38cm high)
55mm (long) x 36mm (wide)
Miniland (40cm high)
65mm (long) x 36mm (wide)
Our Generation 
(45cm high)
65mm (long) x 35mm (wide)
Wellie Wishers 
(37cm high)
49mm (long) x 25mm (wide)


If in doubt, please contact us with dolly's foot measurements and we'll advise on the best size to shop for.