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DesignaFriend (DF) dolls have been around in the States for years and have just landed in Australia in time for the 2021 July school holidays.  Right now it is hard to get your hands on some of the dolls made by Chad Valley, with Big-W having limited stock on Hallie, Polly and some of the other favourites.

Each DF doll has their very own story to tell and between them the girls ooze personality, ambition, determination, sass, creativity, honesty and strength, with friendship at the very centre of their stories. Opening up a world full of hopes, dreams, laughter, friendship and endless imaginative play.

We've got our hands on one and give our thoughts on these new dolls, what clothes fit them and how do their measurements compare to some of our favourite 45cm dolls such as Our Generation, American Girl and Journey Dolls?


Rosie's Dolls Clothes Review

Large vinyl 18 inch/45cm soft-bodied dolls are very popular with children. They are easier to dress than smaller Barbie style dolls and have more hair which is easier to brush and style.  As a parent, I much prefer their more realistic proportions, and the fact that they tend to portray children as opposed to adults. I think that my daughter prefers this too because it means they’re more like her!

When I saw the range of dolls that landed at Big-W I had my heart set on Hallie with her beautiful long dark curly hair and brown eyes. Or Polly with the most gorgeous long pink hair.... But alas, I was unable to get one. I 

Firstly it is apparent that....

 DF Dolls have a great exciting range of modern hair colours.... 

She has an entirely soft body and hard vinyl limbs that can be posed standing or sitting. Her head can be twisted although it is perhaps a little stiff.

DesignaFriend doll Brooke has soft, shiny hair nylon hair that goes down to her bottom.

It is densely rooted across the entire head, possibly not as densely rooted as £100+ dolls I’ve seen but there is good coverage and it’s very easy to brush. Her hair has a very slight wave, and is cut with a fringe.

How do DesignaFriend dolls compare to other 45cm dolls?

DF dolls are slightly thinner than OG and AG dolls, with the waist coming in at 

Brooke is a little slimmer and with less toddler-like proportions than the other 18 inch dolls we have. Her face and outfit gives her a slightly ‘older’ look and reflects more recent fashion too; although the clothes are interchangeable and she can be dressed in any of our other 18 inch doll outfits.

Being very picky for a second, her limbs are slightly less solid; if you give them a good squeeze there is a little bit of give that isn’t there in the more expensive dolls.

Considering the price particularly, she is an excellent buy. She has a friendly face and her clothes are great, the bag and the shoes are really funky and the rest of the range looks fab; I can see a lot of DesignaFriend outfits in Brooke’s future.

DesignaFriend Clothes & Shoes Measurements

BRAND: Chad Valley
BODY: Soft Vinyl
LENGTH: 45cm



Do you have a DesignaFriend doll? How do you like her? We'd love to hear your thoughts below 

Rosies xx

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