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 Miniland Girl Dolls Clothes

Our hand picked selection of clothes for your 40cm Vinyl Miniland girl doll and other similar sized dolls 40cm (16") high.

Miniland's quality, non-toxic and anatomically correct dolls teach children concepts of family, culturally diverse groups, about relationships, coexistence, and respect for racial and sexual diversity. They make an excellent educational toy for learning about diversity, culture and boundaries around personal space and our our bodies. 

Designed in the US and made in Spain from smooth and durable phthalate-free vinyl, these dolls contain NO BPA which is often found in plastic baby dolls.

Miniland dolls are multicultural with a light vanilla scent feature, have jointed limbs so they can sit upright, realistic eyes and are anatomically correct so children can learn all body parts. 

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Donut Dress $19.95 AUD

Hot Pink Ruffle Shorts $17.95 $15.99 AUD

Sunny Days Dress $18.95 AUD

Denim Bow Skirt $14.95 AUD

Floral Romper $25.95 AUD

Owl T-Shirt $12.95 AUD

Pink Spot Rain Set $34.95 $31.95 AUD

Miniland Underwear 38 cm $19.95 $17.95 AUD

Pink Heart Dress $21.95 $19.75 AUD

Denim Skirt $14.95 AUD

Pink Hearts Organza Dress $22.95 $20.99 AUD

Lace leggings set of 3 $21.95 $17.95 AUD

Denim Shorts $10.95 AUD

Elephant T-Shirt $13.95 AUD

Dark Wash Jeans $14.95 AUD

White Fur Coat $19.95 AUD

Leather Jacket $24.95 AUD

Unicorn Costume $39.95 AUD

Jeans $14.95 AUD

Fur Parka $29.95 AUD

Long Pants $9.95 AUD

Grey Hoodie Sweater $21.95 $19.75 AUD

Tribal Tights $10.95 AUD

Lavender Easter Eggs Dress $22.95 $20.50 AUD

Mermaid Dress $21.95 AUD

Veterinarian Play Set $34.95 $31.95 AUD

Bow Headband $10.95 AUD

Penguin Beanie $9.95 AUD

Beret $9.95 AUD

Underpants $4.55 AUD

Baseball Cap $12.95 AUD

Miniland Baby Doll Carrier $21.95 $19.99 AUD

MamaMemo Doll Mask $1.95 $0.95 AUD

Glasses & Case $11.95 AUD

Hat - Red $10.95 AUD

Crown Tiara $14.95 AUD

Princess Tiara $14.95 AUD

Pet Pug Dog $13.95 AUD

Canvas Sneaker $14.95 AUD

Horse Socks $5.95 AUD

Flower Sandal $15.95 AUD

Luxe Lace Socks $9.95 AUD

Roller Blades $15.95 AUD

Roller Skates White $16.95 $15.24 AUD

Bunny Socks $5.75 AUD

Rubber Rain Wellies $19.95 $17.95 AUD

Knee High Socks $6.75 AUD

Pretty Pink Polka Dots $21.95 $19.75 AUD

Red Velvet Christmas Dress $28.95 $25.99 AUD

Burgundy Velour Dress $24.95 $22.95 AUD

Short Tankini $16.95 AUD

Polka Dot Bathers 3 colours $19.95 $17.95 AUD

Floral Bedding $29.95 AUD

Pink Ruffle Pyjamas $21.95 $19.75 AUD

Dressing Gown - Purple $25.95 $23.50 AUD

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