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Cabbage Patch Kids

Our hand picked selection of clothes designed for the smaller Cabbage Patch Kids and other similar sized dolls approximately 35cm (14") high such as Cabbage Patch Twinkle Toes (35cm) .  

One day, a young boy named Xavier Roberts discovered a magic cabbage patch. As Bunnybees sprinkled cabbages with magical crystals, all sorts of different kids and babies appeared! Xavier fell in love with them and built BabyLand General Hospital where they live and play until someone takes them home to care for and love. 

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Donut Dress $19.95 AUD

Hot Pink Ruffle Shorts $17.95 $15.99 AUD

Denim Bow Skirt $14.95 AUD

Owl T-Shirt $12.95 AUD

Pink Heart Dress $21.95 $19.75 AUD

Jeans (s) $14.95 AUD

Bow Headband $10.95 AUD

Beret $9.95 AUD

MamaMemo Doll Mask $1.95 $0.95 AUD

Hat - Red $10.95 AUD

Crown Tiara $14.95 AUD

Princess Tiara $14.95 AUD

Pet Pug Dog $13.95 AUD

Ankle Socks - Brown (L) $4.95 $2.48 AUD

CPK Mary Janes $18.95 AUD

Bathers (s) $15.95 AUD

Floral Bedding $29.95 AUD

Pink Ruffle Pyjamas $21.95 $19.75 AUD

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