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Our hand picked selection of clothes for the smaller 33cm (13") Baby Alive dolls and other similar sized dolls such as Berenguer (34cm), Dora Doll 2009 (37cm), Little Mommy Sweet As Me, Miniland (32cm), MTA 38cm Doll with Hair, My First Chou Chou, Plastic Cabbage Patch New Born and Ashton Drake Lifelike Twin Baby Doll (33cm)

Shoes suitable for dolls with a foot measurement up to 57mm long and 32mm wide.

Please see our doll sizing page for more information.

Baby Alive allows children to learn, explore and practice practical tasks and activities with dolls such as nursing, changing diapers, brushing teeth, taking care of sick babies, taking care of babies Baby Alive brings love and joy to girls and boys through the practical experience of feelings of love, anxiety, and care in the process of taking care of a doll in many situations different roles.

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Owl T-Shirt $12.95 AUD

Baseball Cap $12.95 AUD

Pink Heart Dress $21.95 $19.75 AUD

Jeans (s) $14.95 AUD

Lavender Butterfly Sleeper $21.95 $19.99 AUD

Beret $9.95 AUD

MamaMemo Doll Mask $1.95 $0.95 AUD

Glasses & Case $11.95 AUD

Hat - Red $10.95 AUD

Knee High Socks $6.75 AUD

Lillan Party Dress $19.95 $17.95 AUD

Bathers (s) $15.95 AUD

Floral Bedding $29.95 AUD

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