The importance of Roleplay during childhood

Categories: General15 May 2016

We all know pretending helps to foster a healthy imagination but did you know it also:

Alyssa role playing ironing Board• helps encourage empathy for others 
• allows children to explore new ideas and new ways of doing and thinking without the fear of failure that accompanies ‘the real world’ 
• is an excellent way of helping develop social skills where a child learns co-operation, listening & taking turns 
• helps children learn problem-solving skills by making choices and decisions in different scenarios 

Some great ways to encourage role-play:

• have a simple dress-up box with old hats, scarves, dresses, shirts, bits of fabric, old sheets, shoes and accessories – kids just love to create different looks and a trip to your local charity shop can be part of the adventure. 
• put together prop boxes for different scenarios e.g. Playing shop you may have some pretend money, some items for sale and a basket to put the goodies in. Paper plates, plastic cutlery and a note book for taking orders is great for pretending to work in a restaurant 
• providing a chalkboard and chalk will be perfect if your child likes to pretend being a teacher 
• read a story with them and then ask them to retell the story or act out a different ending 
• playing with dolls allows children to explore how to grow up and become ‘Mum’ or’ Dad’ and encourages caring for others so providing a doll or two and some doll clothes is perfect 

However your child engages in role-play, remember to have FUN!


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