Looking for Doll Clothes & Shoes for Gotz Just Like Me & Corolle Les Cheries Dolls?

Categories: Girl dolls Clothes13 Nov 2017

Heart Pyjamas Gotz Just Like MeSince adding the Disney Toddler and Wellie Wishers category I have been searching for similar dolls that  can share these clothes and I'm so happy to say that the Gotz Just Like Me and Corolle Les Cherie dolls love sharing most of the clothes and shoes listed under the Disney Toddler and Wellie Wishers category. 

These two dolls have come to live with us and join my ever growing doll family so they can try everything on and I can be sure as to how the clothes and shoes fit.  If something looks a little big or doesn't quite fit right, I will mention it in the description so please be sure to read the description if buying for these dolls.  If I don't mention these dolls, then you can be confident that the item will fit your Gotz Just Like Me or Corolle Les Cherie doll too.

Red and Navy dress Corolle Les Cherie doll


Other dolls that are similar in size and can wear these clothes include:

  • Glitter Girls
  • Hearts 4 Hearts (35cm)
  • Ma Cherie Creation Doll
  • Mine to Love (34cm)
  • Dianna Effner Little Darlings
  • Paola Reina (32cm) dolls


I'm sure there are many other dolls that can also wear these clothes and shoes so if I haven't mentioned your doll above, please check the measurements of your doll against the Disney Toddler and Wellie Wisher dolls on my Standard Doll Sizing page.  If you are still unsure, please send me your measurements and I will let you know which clothes may be suitable.  

If looking for shoes, you will need to compare the length and width of your dolls foot to those listed on my Doll Shoe Sizes page.  And again, if you are still not sure, please send me an email and I will assist you.

Happy shopping




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