Dress Up Your Doll: How To Find Dolls Clothes To Match Your Doll Type

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Here at Rosie’s Dolls Clothes we are proud to carry Australia’s largest range of doll clothes, shoes and doll accessories. You’ll notice on our website that we have dedicated sections for all the most popular doll brands such as Our Generation, Baby Born and Baby Alive but did you know that many of these clothes will fit other dolls too?

Dress Your Doll | Doll SizesWe regularly get questions from customers who want to buy clothes for other doll types, such as Miniland, or who know the size of their doll but aren’t sure which of the brands listed on our website are the closest match to their doll. No problem! We have never found a doll that we can’t dress and we have a really simple process to help you out so follow our guide on how to match your doll type and your doll will be looking great in no time!

Step 1 - Check Our Standard Doll Sizes

We have created a dedicated page on our website where you can see a list of our standard dolls brands and the other popular dolls that these clothes will fit. This guide also gives the measurements of each doll so if, for example, you have a 32 cm doll you can immediately see the doll that is closest to this height.Dress Your Doll | Doll Sizing

It’s best, however, not to just rely on the height of your doll if you want to make sure that your dolls clothes fit perfectly. That’s why we also have a guide on how to measure your doll. More on that in a minute.

If you find your doll listed under any of our standard brands, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go shopping and kit your doll out in the latest fashions!

Step 2 - Match Your Doll Type

Match Your DollOk, so maybe you didn’t find your doll listed in the first step? Not a problem. Next check out our ‘Match Your Doll Type’ page. 

We have a large selection of dolls listed along with the relevant section on our website where you can find clothes that fit your doll.

If you still have no luck matching your doll, don’t give up! You simply need to move onto the next step.

Step 3 - Measure Your Doll

Maybe your doll is really special! In which case you’re going to want to measure them to make sure you get just the right fit!Measure Your Doll

Not only do we have a page on our website dedicated to showing you which parts of your doll to measure, we even have a video too so it couldn’t be easier!

Even if you don’t have a tape measure we can walk you through how to make sure you find the closest match to your doll.

Simply match your dolls measurements against our standard doll sizes to find which section of our website you should be shopping in.

Remember that it is best to purchase clothes a little looser, rather than trying to stretch them to fit a larger doll, so choose the doll type that is slightly larger than your doll.

Step 4 - Contact Rosie


 Wow! You have a super-special doll! But that doesn’t mean you can’t shop on our website! Send your dolls measurements to Rosie and she will let you know which dolls clothes will fit your doll. And if you really do have a special doll, we can always custom-make your doll a new outfit. Contact us to find out more.


 Step 5 - Don’t Forget The Shoes!

You can’t send your doll out in a new outfit and not have matching shoes and socks! But just like humans, Dolls Shoe Sizingdolls have different sized feet too. We’ve put together an easy-to-use list of the standard doll types and feet sizes with a link to the right page on our website to buy these all-important components for your doll’s outfit.

And if you don’t have a standard doll type, simply find the doll in the list that has the closest foot measurement to your doll and off you go!

As you can see, there really isn’t a doll that we can’t dress! And if you do get stuck, Rosie is just an email away to help you find the perfect outfit for your doll. Happy shopping!


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