Dolls World Today's Girl Doll Review: What Clothes Fit My 36cm Doll?

Categories: General19 Oct 2018
After doing my earlier blog review on the Dolls World 38cm Early Moments I've had a number of enquiries asking which doll clothes fit the 36cm Dolls World Today's Girl doll.  So off I went to buy myself my own doll so that I could see for myself which doll clothes and shoes would be the best fit and of course to see whether is was a doll I would like to feature on my website. 
At $19.99 on special it is one of the cheaper dolls available and in the right price range for anyone buying a little girl their first doll.  I myself, certainly wouldn't want to pay a small fortune for a doll and have it destroyed within days or left in the cupboard because the child's just not into dolls.  Anyway, let's have a closer look at this Today's Girl doll.
My first impression was that she was quite cute and her clothes were pink, fluffy and quite trendy so would appeal to most little girls.  Then when I took her out of the box I noticed that she had eyes that open and close so she really could 'go to sleep'. 
 She is made from a plastic/vinyl and was very squishy compared to the Disney Toddler and Wellie Wisher dolls.
Then as I undressed her and took off her beanie, I was horrified to see big gaping holes in hair at the back when it was tied in two piggy tails.  I was curious to see how the hair would look when left out and was thankful to see that you could no longer see the big gaping holes.  It also looked okay when tied in one piggy tail.  While trying the clothes on her I did find that her hair did seem to fall out quite easily and it really wasn't good quality so can only imagine what a mess it would be after a few hours of being played with, especially by a young child.
Moving on, I then started to compare her to my 37cm Wellie Wisher doll and 34cm Disney Toddler doll as they were the most similar to this one.  First impressions were that she is slimmer in the torso to the Wellie Wisher and longer in the torso to the Disney Toddler but I felt she would be able to wear most clothes in this category.  But on closer inspection, I saw that her arms were a little thicker and longer than both my other dolls so was curious as to how the clothes with long sleeves would fit.  I tried on the dressing gown and found the sleeves a very tight fit and a little short.  As a result, I would be hesitant to recommend anything with long sleeves for this doll, however all other clothes in the 37cm Wellie Wisher doll and 34cm Disney Toddler doll category would fit this doll.

Heart PyjamasBallerina
You can see that the Heart Pyjama Set and the Classic Ballet Costume both fit nicely.  As do most other outfits with short or no sleeves. 
Another thing I noticed while posing this doll for photos is that she tended to want to lean over to the left and it was really quite difficult to get her to stand on her own so you may want to consider this if it is important to your child that the doll stand on her own.  
Her limbs were movable at the joints and you could turn her neck all the way around.
Foot comparison
Let's now have a look at her feet and which shoes will fit her foot.  Comparing her foot to the Wellie Wisher and Disney Toddler doll, they are almost identical in length and width although the Today's Girl toes taper more from the big toe down to the little toe.  Because of this I initially thought that her foot was wider but after measuring it, I found that the width was the same.  This is great news as it means that she can wear any of the shoes and socks available under the Disney Toddler and Wellie Wisher Shoes and Socks category.
So what did I think overall?  Comparing this doll to the Disney Toddler doll, which retails for $29 and can be found on special between $22 - $25, I felt that I would rather spend a few extra dollars and purchase the Disney Toddler doll for a number of reasons.  Firstly, you have quite a choice of dolls i.e. there are a lot of Disney Princess charters to choose from.  Secondly, these dolls have similar quality of hair but there is more of it so the hair coverage is more complete and you can style the hair in more ways.  Thirdly, I felt the softer plastic/vinyl and the overall appearance of the Today's Girl doll, just made it look and feel 'cheaper'.  


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