Dolls World Early Moments Doll Review: What Clothes Fit My 38cm Doll? **Updated**

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Doll ComparisonThe Dolls World brand of dolls are produced by Peterkin, a UK toy company that has been making children's toys since 1948.  Their dolls include soft dolls, interactive dolls and classic vinyl dolls ranging in size from the 17cm (7”) Bathtime Ellie, through to the 46cm (18”) Talking Tillie doll. 

I decided to buy myself the 38cm Early Moments (anatomically correct) boy doll because it is in between two of the standard doll sizes I have on my website, 33cm Little Baby Alive and 43cm Baby Born, and I was curious as to which clothes and shoes in my range would best fit this doll.

But before I move onto that let’s have a look at the doll and some of his features.

Dolls World StampAt $20 it’s a very reasonably priced baby doll and because it is made of vinyl it should withstand rough play and be easy to clean.  As you can see it is anatomically correct showing the boy or girl bits depending on which doll you choose.  I personally think this is a great way of introducing young children to some of the physical differences between the sexes. Then if you turn the doll over you will see a stamp on the right butt cheek.  I’m assuming this stamp indicates the batch number, where it was produced and the Peterkin name is embossed in the vinyl.

 Dolls World Early Moments Head side viewWhat I don’t particularly like, is the way the head leans forward and the chin almost touches the chest.  I feel it makes the doll look like it doesn’t have a neck and this may make fastening the clothing around the neck a little more difficult especially if it doesn’t have a large neck hole.  I also feel the baby doll is a little on the thin side but that may be because I had two very chubby babies and I’m a little more used to the ‘budda’ look (hahaha).  Although when you compare it to other baby dolls such as Baby Alive, Baby Born and the various Miniland dolls, they all seem to have a bigger tummy and thicker arms and legs.


Then moving down to the feet, I can’t help but notice their awkward shape with the toes twisting and curling in all directions.  I immediately thought it was going to be a challenge to find shoes to fit.  His foot measures 63mm long and 40mm wide and although this is a little shorter and wider than the American Girl doll’s foot at 65mm long and 35mm wide, to my surprise, the majority of the American Girl doll shoes and the 18 inch boy doll shoes fit the 38cm Dolls World Early Moments doll really well. 

Feet front view

Feet side view







Shoes side view Shoes on Dolls world Early Moments







Well with the shoes sorted it was time to move onto the clothes and after taking the measurements I knew I had to try both the 33cm Wets and Wiggles clothes and the 43cm Baby Born clothes because this doll truly is in between both sizes. 



Now I know this is a boy doll but I had to try on girl doll clothes too and the first one I tried was the ballerina.  The 33cm Baby Alive size fits this doll beautifully and thankfully with the fabric having lots of stretch the shoes were able to accommodate the large feet.  The larger 43cm Baby Born size leotard was way too big.



 Pinafore Dress

The next outfit is the pinafore dress and you can see the larger 43cm Baby Born size is rather large and because of the style looks odd so the smaller 33cm Baby Alive size was the better fit and although it is shorter on this doll than the smaller 33cm Baby Alive doll, it still looks super cute.



Broderie Anglaise Dress


 I then tried this beautiful broderie Anglaise dress on and to be honest both sizes would work depending if you prefer the shorter, ‘little girl’ look or the longer, more formal look.  Although there is plenty of room around the waist in the larger 43cm Baby Born size, because of the style it didn’t look too big and it would be easier for smaller children to put on the doll.  



Winter Pyjamas


With the winter pyjamas I definitely found the smaller 33cm Baby Alive size too small.  It was too short in the arm and leg lengths and because of the way the doll’s head squashes down to the chest, the neck is not big enough.  The 43cm Baby Born size fits much better around the neck and in the length of the arms and legs and was easier to put on.  It was loose but didn’t look too big.  This means that if you are looking for something with long sleeves and long pants to fit the 38cm Early Moments doll by Dolls World, you are best to look in the 43cm Baby Born category.  This would apply for both boy and girl dolls.


shorts and t-shirt


Finally, I tried some boy doll clothes on my boy Early Moments doll!  And although the smaller 33cm Baby Alive size shorts and t-shirt fit on this doll, the larger 43cm Baby Born size looked good too and was a little easier to put on so for younger children the larger size would definitely be the better choice.  This would also apply for shorts and shirts for girl dolls too.



So if you are looking for shoes, that’s easy if you're looking for girl shoes for your 38cm Early Moments doll just go shopping under the 45cm American Girl Shoes and Socks category or if wanting shoes for your boy doll, shop in the 18 inch Boy Doll Shoes and Socks category .  When it comes to clothes no one size is best for the 38cm Early Moments doll.  However as I always recommend, it is better to purchase the clothes a little bigger as this makes it easier for children to dress their doll and so the 43cm Baby Born Boy or Girl category would be best on this doll.  If you have a particular outfit in mind and would like me to try it on my new 38cm Early Moments doll to see how it fits, then please email me and I will get back to you with a photo.


Since doing this review I have added two new doll categories for the 38cm Miniland Girl and Boy dolls to my website.  These clothes fit the 38cm Dolls World doll very well so when shopping for doll clothes for the 38cm Dolls World doll, please shop under either the 38cm Miniland Girl category or the 38cm Miniland Boy category

Happy shopping



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