Creating Precious Memories

Categories: General29 Aug 2020
I received the following email a few weeks ago and I just had to share as it's such a wonderful way to create beautiful memories that both Nanna and granddaughter will cherish for many years to come.  I hope to do this one day with my grandchildren. 

'Dear Rosie,

Just love your dolly clothes – as does my granddaughter Molly (aged 7) who has an American girl doll that she loves dressing.

You might be interested to know that I recently bought some clothes for my doll. My doll is 62 years old and her name is Patsy.

Although the measurements are not all perfect the 50cm Australian Girl clothes do fit her.
I recently introduced my doll Patsy to Molly’s doll and they had a play-date. Patsy was very excited as it was her first outing for many, many years.
Patsy was a little stiff after a long time in her box and Molly was interested to see how she could mechanically walk and talk.

Molly and I took tea with and had lots of fun with both the dollies.

Thank you for bringing Patsy back to life and providing hours of enjoyment for me and my granddaughter.

Cheers,  Nanna.  (Kathy)'
I hope you enjoyed reading this email just as much as I did and maybe it has inspired you to spend a little more quality time with your favourite little people so you too can create some precious memories.
Thanks so much Kathy for sending me all these gorgeous photos and sharing your story with me.




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