A Brand New Dedicated Category For Miniland Girl And Boy Doll Clothes

Categories: General18 Aug 2018

Broderie Anglaise Dress 38cm Miniland doll

I'm so excited to announce that after a week of trying outfits on my new Miniland dolls, taking lots of photos and working on my website, the Miniland dolls now have their very own category.

Take a browse of our 32cm Miniland girl doll clothes and shoes collection or visit the 32cm Miniland Boy Dolls Clothes section to see the fantastic new range.   We also have doll clothes and shoes for the 38cm Miniland girl doll as well as the 38cm Miniland boy doll clothes and shoes.  This will make it super easy for you when shopping for these dolls.

Some of the outfits available are Miniland brand and some are my very own creations and then there's all the cute shoes as well, so I know you will find a great selection of doll clothes and shoes that are perfect for your MIniland boy and girl dolls.  I will be adding more Miniland brand doll clothes as soon as the stock arrives.

Zebra Pjs for 32cm Miniland boy dollIn  time I will also be adding doll clothes and shoes for the smaller 21cm Miniland doll and the larger 40cm soft bodied Miniland doll.  So stay tuned for that announcement in the near future.

This is super exciting for me and I hope that you enjoy shopping for your Miniland dolls.

Happy shopping



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