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Our standard doll sizes

Here are the measurements for a range of standard doll types. You can check your doll's measurements against these, then go shopping under the doll type that is closest to your measurements.

Clothes for popular dolls

Remember that it is best to purchase clothes a little looser, rather than trying to stretch them to fit a larger doll or teddy, so choose the doll type that is slightly larger than your doll. If you are unsure, contact Rosie with the measurements and we will let you know which selection of clothes will fit best. 

Please note: foot sizes vary, so for doll shoes and socks see shoe sizes.

See how to measure your doll     Match your doll type

 My Little Baby Born (32cm)
Brand: Zapf® My Little Baby Born Doll
Body: Soft body with plastic limbs
Length: 32cm
Torso: 13cm
Neck: 15cm
Waist: 25cm
Inseam: 8cm
Leg: 9.5cm
Arm: 12cm
Head: 27cm
Clothing fits: 34cm Baby Berenguer, My First Chou Chou, Cabbage Patch New Born
 Baby Alive Wets & Wiggles (33cm)
Brand: Hasbro® Baby Alive Wets and Wiggles Doll
Body: Hard
Length: 33cm
Torso: 16cm
Neck: 14.5cm
Waist: 26cm
Inseam: 9cm
Leg: 14cm
Arm: 12cm
Head: 31.5cm
Clothing fits: Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo, 34cm Baby Berenguer, My First Chou Chou & Cabbage Patch New Born
 Little Cabbage Patch (35cm)
Brand: Jakks Pacific®
Body: Soft
Length: 35cm
Torso: 13cm
Neck: 20cm
Waist: 26cm
Inseam: 13cm
Leg: 10cm
Arm: 8cm
Head: 34cm

 Baby Born (43cm)
Brand: Zapf® Baby Born Doll
Body: Hard
Length: 43cm
Torso: 21.5cm
Neck: 20cm
Waist: 29cm
Inseam: 11cm
Leg: 19cm
Arm: 14cm
Head: 33.5cm
Clothing fits: Baby Amore, Baby Berenguer 43cm, New Born Baby & La New Born Moments
 Baby Alive (43cm)
Brand: Hasbro® Baby Alive Doll
Body: Hard
Length: 43cm
Torso: 19cm
Neck: 17cm
Waist: 28cm
Inseam: 10cm
Leg: 16.5cm
Arm: 16cm
Head: 39cm
 American Girl (46cm)
Brand: American Girl®

Body: Vinyl and cloth
Length: 46cm
Torso: 17.5cm
Neck: 15cm
Waist: 26.5cm
Inseam: 16cm
Leg: 20cm
Arm: 14cm
Head: 31cm
Clothing fits: Gotz Doll, Chatty Cathy, 18" Tolly Dolls & My Disney Girl Doll
Australian Girl (50cm)
Australian Girl®
Body: Vinyl and cloth Australian Girl doll
Length: 50cm
Torso: 20cm
Neck: 15.5cm
Waist: 29cm
Inseam: 17cm
Leg: 21cm
Arm: 18cm
Head: 33cm
 Cabbage Patch Kid (46cm)
Brand: Play Along® Cabbage Patch Doll
Body: Soft
Length: 44cm
Torso: 18cm
Neck: 20.5cm
Waist: 31cm
Inseam: 13.5cm
Leg: 11cm
Arm: 8.5cm
Head: 38cm
Year: 2004


 Chou Chou (48cm)
Brand: Zapf® Chou Chou Doll
Body: Soft
Length: 48cm
Torso: 21cm
Neck: 20cm
Waist: 36cm
Inseam: 16cm
Leg: 22cm
Arm: 20cm
Head: 34cm
Clothing fits: Chou Chou Rock-A-Bye, Baby Annabell, Dolls from the Newborn Nursery & Hush Li'l Baby