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Doll sizing

Please check your doll size before shopping - we wouldn't want dolly or teddy to get clothes, shoes, socks or hats that don't fit!

Our clothes fit a range of popular doll typesDoes your doll or teddy match one of our standard sizes?

To ensure the highest quality, Rosie specialises in clothes for a certain range of popular doll sizes, such as Baby Born, Baby Alive, Cabbage Patch Kids and other dolls. If your doll type is on the list, you can go shopping under the category that matches your doll.

See if your doll is on our list

Check the measurements of our standard doll types

Other dolls can wear Rosie's clothes too - just measure your dollIf your doll or teddy is NOT on the list...

Don't worry! Just measure your doll and see which of our standard sizes is the closest. Then you can shop by looking under that doll type.

How to measure your doll or teddy for clothes

See shoe sizes for your doll or teddy bear

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